It’s 1984 All Over Again: Up is Down, Down is Up and Right is Left…

June 24, 2012

By Gregg A. Masters, MPH

Or perhaps lets be reminded from inside the fictional ‘newspeak’ space that:

War is peace, freedom is slavery, and ignorance is strength….

During the Senate Finance Committee hearing and consideration process of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in early 2010, I referred to them as the ‘disingenuous Hatch-Enzi Gang of 42‘, i.e., the Senators who were struck by collective amnesia of their commitment to, and well documented ideological embrace of the individual mandate.

Hatched in 1989 via the conservative think tank The Heritage Foundation in a monograph titled ‘Assuring Affordable Health Care for All Americans‘ and exquisitely detailed recently by Ezra Klein, aka @EzraKlein last week, we have the actual public record revealing the pure theater which passes in Washington, D.C. as ‘business as usual politics.’ Though more recent Heritage back peddling claims by the original author suggest that [unspecified] research has revealed alternatives to the individual mandate which are equally plausible including subsidies and other ‘incentives’. For a summary of the GAO Report detailing these alternatives, click here.

[Editor’s NOTE: Bear with the intrusive ad, the piece by @EzralKlein is well worth the distraction!]

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