‘You Don’t Know Jack’

February 21, 2013

By Gregg A. Masters, MPH

But you should. Until FutureMed 2013 streamed ‘the future on oncology’ segment I didn’t know Jack.  So get to know Jack Andraka (@jackandraka). A 15 (now 16) year old high school student that may just revolutionize diagnostic medicine. Detecting potential cancers at the ‘precursor lesion’ would cause a seismic shift in the practice of oncology like no other to date. And according to Andraka, if you swap out the antibody, this simple blood and urine dip stick test can detect other malignancies as well all other forms of disease.

Get to know this [young] but tenacious and brilliant mathematician, kayaker and cancer researcher.

On ‘This Week in Oncology, Rich Just, MD aka @chemosabe1 interviewed Jack. The chat is available for replay and can be accessed here.

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