puppet show

A mashup of stills from the puppet show at health 2.0 2011 in san francisco on september 22, 2011. Written and directed by Regina Holliday aka @reginaholliday. Full cast credits to be listed shortly.

NOTE: Watch for ‘puppet show: the movie’ to be submitted to the disposable film festival.

Unfortunately we were not selected by the judges at the Disposable Film Festival. For the winner click here. However, much fun was had by the cast and single video/sound/editing ‘crew’. Technical and logistic challenges notwithstanding, this was the output of our 2.5 takes on getting the production ‘in the can’. Many thanks to ‘little miss A’ aka Regina Holliday and the cast.

A special shoutout to ‘Dr Hitech’ aka Ross Martin, MD for his original sound scoring and rap artistry.

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